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Independent Suppliers of All Fertiliser Products

Suppliers to the whole of the UK & Ireland from numerous sites around the country

In extraordinary times it is necessary to explore new avenues. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss possible ways to get through this difficult time.

Any quantity supplied from multiple lorry loads in bulk, 1000, 600 or 25kg bags and even down to 1 kilo and liquids!

Agriculture, sports pitches, golf courses, parks and gardens, vegetables, flowers, trees, horticulture, lawns, smallholdings, horse & pony paddocks, race tracks, nurseries, garden centres, industrial, soil remediation and anywhere else that fertiliser is needed in small bags, big bags or bulk.

Economical Renewable ash type products, distressed fertilisers and general screenings for wide belt or contractor spreading.

"SuperSlag Basic is still the most effective liming product plus phosphate and trace elements"

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Urea, Prilled & Granular
Usually the lowest cost per unit of nitrogen
Sulphur Products
Granular, fine grade, liquid & Organic
Gypsum Products Valuable source of Sulphur and Calcium
SuperSlag Basic Steelworks slag - ever popular soil conditioner
Soil Analysis Standard & extended soil analysis
Special Blends & Straights Custom blends for your soils needs
Calcified Seaweed No longer available but compare it with SuperSlag Basic
Seaweed Meal Trace element animal nutrition from Kelp
'Happy Horse' Specially designed horse & pony paddock fertiliser
Golf & Amenity A range of specialist products for amenity turf & gardens
General Fertilisers Any fertilisers supplied - just call us for prices & availability
Organic Fertilisers A range of organically acceptable products
Special Offers & News News & market information

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Tel: 07778 415230 or 07787 188851

Orchard Way, Venlake, Uplyme, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3SA UK

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